What are the benefits of play therapy?

Garry L Landreth who is internationally known for promoting child-centred Play Therapy states that children in play therapy learn:
- To respect themselves
- That their feelings are acceptable
- To express their feelings responsibly
- To assume responsibility for themselves
- To be creative and resourceful in confronting problems
- Self-control and self-direction
- To accept themselves
- To make choices and be responsible for them.

Should i ask my child about their therapy?

Just like adults, children deserve respect and confidentiality. The therapist will not discuss matters in front of the child, but rather wait until a parent consultation. If anything important occurred in the session, the Therapist may call the care giver at a private time after the session. 

Do i stay with my child?

The play therapy is usually 1:1 with the Therapist and the child. The parents can stay in the foyer area or once children are settled, parents are welcome to leave and pick the child up once the therapy session is finished. 

What should i tell my child about play therapy?

Let your child know it is a safe space for them to play and work through anything that may be troubling them. You can count your child down for the session and it may help showing them a photo of the play room or Play Therapist. 

What are the fees?

Katy accepts square payments (eftpos) or can invoice plan partners. All sessions are to be paid on the day after the session. There is a 24 hour cancellation fee. If for any instance the therapist cannot conduct sessions on the client's day, the client will be contacted and not charged. 

More information about play therapy?